Port Authority Worker Held In Embezzlement

ST. THOMAS – A getting manager for the VI Port Authority was charged Thursday with embezzlement in connection with a government credit card that was used to make unapproved charges – including cashcash loan – completing $213,095.58.

A warrant was released for the arrest of Lydia Cabret on a range of felony charges, according to Acting Attorney General Claude Walker. Cabret was apprehended and remanded to the Golden Grove Grownup Correctional and Detention Center, Walker stated Thursday night.The acting

attorney general stated Cabret is charged of taking $102,668 in money advances at the Sunny Isle branch of Banco Popular in between February 2014 and Might 2015.

She also used the charge card to make purchases totaling $110,427.58, according to the arrest affidavit. According to the Port Authority, the getting supervisor position on St. Croix was paid $62,934 annually.Walker provided The Daily News with a copy of the arrest warrant and the affidavit sworn by Leonardo Carrion Sr., an unique representative with the Special Investigations Division of the VI Justice Department.The warrant charges Cabret with embezzlement of

public accounts; obtaining money by false pretense; unauthorized use of a federal government credit card; and breaching the Criminally Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.The Justice Department began investigating after the Port Authority reported multiple unapproved transactions on the account statements for the charge card that had been released to Mrs. Cabret, which caused the accounting authorities to become suspicious and look further into the matter, according to the affidavit.Cabret was questioned about the many questionable credit card charges and cash advances made with the card that was released to her by Port Authority, and she confessed to making use of the charge card for individual purposes, according to the arrest warrant.Magistrate Judge Miguel Camacho provided the warrant Thursday, and Walker said Cabret was collared Thursday, was processed and was awaiting her look prior to a magistrate today.She is being held under $75,000 bond, according to the warrant.According to the affidavit, Cabret admitted to all of the accusations and offered to pay a preliminary amount of cash towards the total quantity, with the balance being paid on a payment plan, for making use of the departments credit card for her personal use and without being authorized.The affidavit recommended that Cabret was the only individual with access to the credit card, which Cabret was accountable for conducting all purchases for the departments requires, which is why the card had actually been

issued to her.According to Carrions affidavit, Cabret resigned from the Port Authority on Might 27, less than a month after the last moneycash loan-for$1,275- was handled the card.It was unclear why Cabret had access to moneycash loan through a federal government credit card. The investigation turned up 42 different money advances taken on the charge card in between Feb. 20, 2014, and April 29, 2015. The tiniest cashcash loan was for$500 and the largest was for$8,000, but there were numerousmanied advances of more than $2,000. The majority of months in the

timespan saw two to 3 money advances, though 2 months-September 2014 and April 2015 -taped 6 cashcash loan monthly. The September charges totaled $15,000 while the April charges totaled $11,975. According to the affidavit, the card released to Cabret was likewise used to buy parts from Rock Car online in the amount of$2,000 for cars not had by the Port Authority, such as a Mercedes Benz E500, a Toyota 4Runner, a Chevy Corvette and a BMW 328CI. The card was also used to spend for charges at Amazon Marketplace,

American Airlines, ATT, Chief Supply, Paradise Freight, Office Max, PayPal, Ebay, The Tire Rack and the VI Water and Power Authority, according to the arrest warrant.Walker said he was surprised that authorities at the Port Authority did not seem to reveal the misappropriation of such big sumslarge amounts of funds for so numerousmany months. This is individuals cash, Walker said. I have actually tried to be open about the Department of Justices commitment to end corruption in the Virgin Islands, with the hopes that those delegated with public money will get the message, but the cases keep coming.-Contact Jonathan Austin at 714-9104 or email jaustin@dailynews.vi.