Nama Accused Of Mischaracterising Pimco Quote Withdrawal

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< figcaption class =media-caption > Image caption Nama has constantly said that if Pimco had actually not withdrawn voluntarily it would have been

forced out An investmentA mutual fund has actually implicated Nama of repeatedly mischaracterising the circumstances where it withdrew a quote for a 1bn home loan portfolio in Northern Ireland.The Pimco fund stated it strolledleft the deal after it foundlearnt that a former Nama advisor was because of receive a fixer charge. Nama has constantly said that if Pimco had not withdrawn willingly, it would have been required out.It repeated this on Thursday.< ul class= story-body __ unordered-list >< li class= story-body __ list-item

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  • The National Assets Management Firm (Nama) is the Republic of Irelands bad bank, set up to deal with poisonous loans after the 2008 home crash.